Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vegan Feminist Agitator: In Our Capacity to Suffer, We Are All the Same...

A FABULOUS post really worth reading

Vegan Feminist Agitator: In Our Capacity to Suffer, We Are All the Same...: Recently, I had a tooth abscess. As you can see, my life is as shot through with sexy glamor and sparkling razzle-dazzle as a Bob Fosse da...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

guilt free cake

I had to share this yummy guilt free cake with you. It is actually only one of three that The Eldest and I shared the other day. They came from a fabulous place in Launceston called Garden of Vegan. It has THE most amazing Vegan food and the cakes and slices are to die for. As they are all vegan they are all made from plant based ingredients. No animal fats like cream, cheese or eggs or butter. This is a single serve size and every time The Eldest is home from Uni she will go in and get us some to share. I could do it myself at anytime but I actually don't think about and then it is more of a treat every now and then anyway. The other two cakes were Choc Cheesecake and Choc Lemon Cheesecake and they were eaten before I took a photo for the blog. (I got a quick one for Instagram). This one was Neapolitan, The base is usually made from walnuts and dates and sometimes almonds. The sweetener is usually agave. The best part is you would not even stop to think about this being raw and vegan if you are not vegan, you just think it's delicious. If you get the chance to try some raw treats please try them whether you are vegan or not. They are fabulous and for everyone and you cannot stop at one. So many places are catering for this market now thankfully. There are also so many raw vegan recipes around and they really are quite simple to make so I am hoping to have a go at them once I buy a new Food Processor and I am not sure when that will be, but I am looking forward to it...mmm...cheesecake everyday PS Blogger seems to of changed stuff AGAIN and I can't seem to get this to form paragraphs, sorry if it is hard to read aarrrggghhhh.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

chocolate cake and Autumn

I have made a big slab of chewy chocolate cake and it is almost guilt free.  By that I mean I only add half the sugar in the recipe and it being vegan means it doesn't have any saturated fats in it either. I double the vanilla extract as that helps to make the cake more chewy and almost Brownie like.  I also add a few TBLS extra of rice milk or soy milk whichever I am using.  This adds the extra moisture and I find I need that with gluten free flour which is what I have to use.
It is easy to veganise any recipe.  This one is a Simplicity Chocolate Cake from a 1950s cookbook that belonged to mum.  I have been making this cake since I was about ten and  baking it vegan for 3 years now. 

The weather has finally been cool enough to bake.  I am sooo over summer.  I know it is supposed to be Autumn, but I am counting the days until daylight saving ends because then it feels more real that summer is over.  Bring on the Autumn weather..........

Sunday, March 09, 2014

art journal

I have been trying to do as much art journal work as I can.  It is a great way to relieve any stress and even take your mind off pain for a while.   Some pages are just playing with layers and layers of paint and texture which I then use later as backgrounds, and other pages may end up with a face such as this one which starts off as a pencil drawing.  Sometimes it may just stay as graphite but most times I love layering different media on it and where I can, using 3d elements such as the flowers in her hair...

I had already had stated this piece when Jennie sent me her lovely embroidery (see last post) so it was wonderful timing to receive that and then finish this.  A bit of a Frida week
"hope tree grow strong" is a quote of Frida Kahlo's...

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Random Act of Kindness...

Oh my poor little blog has been so neglected.  I often think of it. I often think of posts I want to write and photos I want to share but then it comes time to do it and I lose motivation for some reason.  It is so simple to take a photo on my phone and quickly upload it to Instagram and maybe write a few lines as well.  It is like a mini blog.  So even if I am not feeling well and having a rest I can still post the photo I want to post and have a look at everyone else's as well.  But I am hoping to change things now and blog more often because I do miss it.  It's great therapy being able to blog about stuff!

I have great reason to get back on and do this post and that reason is I received the most wonderful gift in the mail.   YAY  This gorgeous free motion sewing art piece of Frida Kahlo made by artist Jennie over at A Little Vintage Doll.   Isn't it stunning.  The detail is incredible.  I am so touched Jennie sent this to me.  She knows I love Frida and that she is a huge inspiration to me.  Frida's ability to make art through adversity and such pain was incredible.  Her work, fabulous.

Jennie has recently done a fabulous post on her blog about Frida Kahlo.  It makes for a great read. Pop over and check it out and while you are there you can see Jennie's other work too.  One of her custom Frida dolls is definitely on my wish list this year.

Thank you Jennie so much for this special pressie.  I love her and she looks wonderful hanging on the wall in my studio space...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

a parallel universe

a still taken from the below video courtesy of Animal Liberation Victoria

a beautiful 4 minute video to watch

This articulates exactly how I feel.  It is so well written.
“You end up at the back of the grocery store, near the meat counter. Displayed before you are all the wares of the butcher’s trade, all the prime cuts of meat. On the left are the T-bone steaks; to the right is all the ground beef. In front of you are some ribs; next to them are some chicken breasts. On the corner of the display is the lobster tank, where, out of the dozens in it, you can pick out your own lobster to take home. You look at this sight, with people picking their way through all these products, figuring out which will make the best dinner. And suddenly, the scene in front of you shifts. No longer are you seeing normal products of everyday existence. In front of you is the violent reality of animal flesh on display: the bones, fat, muscles, and tissue of beings who were once alive but who have been slaughtered for the parts of their body. This scene overtakes you, and suddenly you tear up. Grief, sadness, and shock overwhelm you, perhaps only for a second. And for a moment you mourn, you mourn for all the nameless animals in front of you.
Those of us who value the lives of other animals live in a strange, parallel world to that of other people. Every day we are reminded of the fact that we care for the existence of beings whom other people manage to ignore, to unsee and unhear as if the only traces of the beings’ lives are the parts of their bodies rendered into food: flesh transformed into meat. To tear up, or to have trouble functioning, to feel that moment of utter suffocation of being in a hall of death is something rendered completely socially unintelligible. Most people’s response is that we need therapy, or that we can’t be sincere. So most of us work hard not to mourn. We refuse mourning in order to function, to get by. But that means most of us, even those of us who are absolutely committed to fighting for animals, regularly have to engage in disavowal.
… However, disavowing the life of another (and being unable to mourn always disavows the life as such) does not just cede the one whom you care for into social unintelligibility, but also cedes part of yourself into social unintelligibility. A part of you becomes unreal and ghostly. The connections we make with others are what give us livable lives; denying those connections renders our lives less livable. Mourning is a way of making connections, of establishing kinship, and of recognizing the vulnerability and finitude of the other. The protocols that refuse to recognize our mourning refuse all sorts of tangible, social intelligibility. Mourning is stitched to questions of what and who gets to count…”
— James Stanescu, from “Species Trouble: Judith Butler, Mourning, and the Precarious Lives of Animals”
Learn more about animals raised for food.
- See more at:

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


A Xmas present the girls and I gave to hubby.  I love it so much I am wishing now it was mine!!!  It is huge and even has a lid to keep your cuppa warm, and yes it's even bigger on the inside!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

more baking... and happy new year....

I find it hard to believe Xmas has come and gone and now it's nearly another new year already.  I know it is cliche' but time is going soooo fast.  Do you remember how we were all panicked about the Millennium Bug approaching?   We only had 2 years then 1 year to prevent it from happening or the world would practically end!!  The countdown was on but.....the time came and went without a hitch of course, but I am gobsmacked it was 14 years ago!!

More baking  has been done.  A very quick and easy recipe I used to make all the time and haven't for ages.  I had planned to make a batch to put with mum's xmas presents so better late than never.  I will make them more often now I am reminded of just how quick and easy they are.

this is my veganised version that I made but it is easy to change it if need be

250g dairy free marjarine
1 C icing sugar
2 1/2 C plain flour (I use gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract

cream butter and sugar add vanilla and add flour mixing with a wooden spoon, gently knead, dough will be very short of course so just knead it and don't worry if it feels dry,  put in the fridge wrapped in cling wrap for at least 30 minutes then roll into a log and shape to a rectangle-ish type shape and cut slices and lay them on baking paper lined trays.
They will spread a little.  You can cut out shapes with cookie cutters but I do the log method so as to handle it as least as possible because it can crumble.
cook on 160c for 20 minutes or so, I cut mine quite thick so they took 30 minutes to cook
let cool and they will firm up then eat!!

happy 2014 everyone xx

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Some recent baking, with lots more happening in the kitchen today......
No matter how simple we keep Xmas I still seem to panic at the last minute...I don't know why, I just do.  But this year I refuse to panic.  We do a cold/warm lunch and today I am making salads. A curried rice salad, a spicy pasta salad and some others and then tomorrow morning I will do a garden salad and a broccoli and cauliflower bake and baby spuds in mint and there will be a three different desserts as well. I was so happy to find that Coles have a matured Xmas pudding that is vegan friendly.  That will be so nice with soy ice cream and/or whipped coconut cream. The best thing for me is that it is all so tasty but will ALL be vegan.  Well for some of us anyway.  Hubby, my youngest and my mum still insist on eating animals some of the time and so they are having ham with their lunch which upsets me but maybe by next year finally there will be NO dead animals on the table.  All plant based and spicy and delicious.
If  you do Xmas, I hope it's a good one and you get to chill out and enjoy yourself.
on Boxing Day new Doctor Who is on!! which of course, is BETTER than Xmas

Monday, December 23, 2013

and wait there's more......

Here are some more goodies that Rhonda put in my fab giveaway prize from YouTube
a gorgeous tag with ribbons and fibres and a lovely handmade charm...
and some jewellery for me to alter, to add to a mini or mixed media piece, I LOVE these as I find it quite hard to find this kind of thing here in Australia and when I do it is waaaay over priced. A frame too which, depending on the project I may leave it gold or I can paint it
and look at this fabulous pile of vintage photos for me to use in my mixed media work!  Years ago I used to see some of these in second hand shops but it would be a very long time since I have seen any.  Sometimes they may be found in antique shops but they are too expensive to buy to alter so to have this huge pile is wonderful. 
 I do find it kind of sad though that all these family pics have ended up in a thrift store or similar.  There are some important family occasions in these photos like weddings for example and who would of thought when they were taken that one day in the distant future they would end up across the world in Australia to be altered in artwork! That's kind of weird don't you think?
thank you Rhonda sooooo much xxxxx

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

happy mail...

 I was so lucky recently to win a wonderful giveaway from a YouTube friend all the way away in California.  Her name is Rhonda and her channel LILRHONDALEE.  The giveaway was for this gorgeous mini/journal but Rhonda put in some other lovely surprises too.

 I will share the other pressies in another post as I have put up so many photos in this one.   I wanted to share every page but there are so many.  It really is a beautiful album full to the brim with beautiful papers, and tags and there are charms on the spine made by Rhonda and lots of ribbon and fibres.  Truly stunning

Thank you so much Rhonda.  I was in shock when my name was drawn and I am soooooo happy.
Please go and check out Rhonda's channel.  Her work is beautiful and you can even see the video of my mini when Rhonda first made it.

 I have found so many inspiring quotes on Pinterest lately and so I thought I would fill this journal with them so I have them all together.  I will write some in and maybe print some out to glue in.  In can be a work in progress as I will just add to it when I find quotes I really love.

Thank you Rhonda xx

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

spread all around...

Here is such a beautiful mini album.  I LOVE mini albums and there are so many fabulous ones on YouTube.   I could spend hours looking at them all.  You know how one leads to another leads to another leads to another.   This artist is Vicki Smith and her work is gorgeous.  She makes jewellery, assemblages and altered books.  I love it all.

I know this poor little blog has been neglected somewhat and I am probably talking to myself these days when I am here but I do want to keep it, I just don't post as much as I used to.  I want to post when I feel I have something to share.   I seem to hang out over at Instagram a lot because it's fast and simple.  It's quick to upload a photo and no words if I choose not to even, although I usually do, if I can't sleep I will reach out and get my phone and look at IG until I feel sleepy or I will look at Pinterest too.  Now there are a few hours lost again.  Such beautiful inspiration, not to mention YouTube!!

When I started this blog back in 2006 it was so exciting to have such a place to document things such as sewing, drawing, op shopping finds etc and a wonderful platform to share work and to meet like minded peeps and be inspired by everyone.  I find now though, there is too much inspiration, if there is such a thing.  I don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean there are only so many hours in a day and also only so much time I feel like looking at a screen whether it is my laptop or my phone.  Some days I am not up to it at all.  So I find we are all spread out a lot more in cyber space compared to only a couple of years ago, don't you??

So I am still here and will post in this space whenever I can, it's just not as often as I would like.   It mainly is because of illness.  Due to said illness I am not sewing as much (sometimes not at all)  I also don't op shop like I used to and that is mainly due to it feeling too much like consumerism.  I had for a long time only bought things that I felt were really special and that I knew we could use and then I would try and purge something from home too.   But as it became more difficult to op shop for health reasons it just felt like "stuff" to me and the joy was gone from it.  What I am getting at is, without being up to doing those type of things I feel I don't have a lot to blog about.

I work in my art journal a lot and I draw and do mixed media pieces too and sometimes they can be spread over several days as I might just do a little here and there and then I usually will post to Instagram or Pinterest because it's very quick.  I feel that way I am still documenting in some way.

Anyway, with another year almost over, maybe next year will be the big return to my blog year.   oh and I have somehow turned my message thingy off and when I reset it and save it, it still doesn't appear on the blog.  I must look at that or ask Blogger for help.  But it doesn't really matter that much as peeps don't seem to comment as much anymore either.   I think that is a reflection of how many other places we are at on the net and chatting can be a quick comment on IG or live chat or comments on Facebook.  We are still all interacting and sharing work, it's just all over the place now instead of just our little blog which used to be our only little special place on the how things have changed.....and how quickly

PS I actually had fixed the comment thingy afterall.  I just hadn't done a post since fixing it so it hadn't appeared yet!...........