Friday, January 18, 2013

vintage love, creative hope

I am so looking forward to a new year of hope..
a year of hoping to recover to good health, at least enough to be up and about some of each day... 
I am hoping for a year of getting back into enjoying treasure hunting at the op shops, and I want to start BLOGGING again.   I used to love my little blog and it has been neglected for so long now along with a lot of other things.....
I am hoping for a year where I can actually be a wife and mother in my family and not just the one who needs to lay down all the time......
I am hoping if I need more chemotherapy and other toxic, shitty drugs they will actually help me and make a difference.....

I want and NEED to have a year of returning to art and crafty fun times and baking, of not just having ideas in my head and not being able to do anything with them, but actually being able to CREATE,  yay for creating, it really does keep us sane.  I miss it so.  Damn you ill health, go away


  1. Hello fellow not-very-much-blogging blogger!! I love all your gorgeous pictures. I hope you have a wonderful healthy and happy year too and have lots of fun doing all the creative and crafty things you enjoy!!

  2. We'd love to see you creating again too! xoxo

  3. Lets hope this is a lucky happy healthy year for you and you get plenty of that op shop goodness and art and craft in:)

  4. I really hope that 2013 is treating you well xx

  5. I loved all the photos in this post and I truly hope your health year is on the improve. Are you out opshopping yet?