Saturday, February 09, 2013

a little change will make a big difference.....

this is an advertising campaign that is relevant to ALL of us.   If you care about the Earth and the environment and especially animals, any animals PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE watch this and see how you can make a change, even the tiniest change can make a difference.  It is about a minute for the ad then a few celebs commenting

Be a voice for animals at


  1. This is heart wrenching stuff. My son and his fiancé are both vegans. My boy has worked for a major central Victorian chicken producer in a couple of stints : once at their processing plant, and for a contractor who would clean the sheds. He has been interviewed about his experiences and somewhere it is out there online.
    We had land when the kids were growing up and I would source my chooks for our eggs from a local battery farm because I wanted these chooks to have a quality of life. It would make me cry as I watched them put their feet onto firm ground for the first time, and I would cry for joy when they discovered the pleasure of scratching and pecking for bugs and worms in the earth. On average, they would lay for a good year or more after their liberation, yet in the situation they were in, because they weren't producing eggs and the required rate, they would be scheduled for death. Not nice and not fair. Ban intensive farming, forcing hormones into the critters. Wanna know why men have manboobs like never before? Hormones in food. It doesn't do the critters any good, and it won't work for us either.

  2. Thanks Linda for this viewing. I hope lots of people get access to this as I am sure if they knew they would change.