Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ruby who...

Have you seen Ruby Sparks yet?  It's quite new to DVD and I saw it last week. I loved it.  It is not deep or profound, just fun.
 It's a romantic comedy but the story is a definite change to the boy meets girl scenario.   It's a lot of fun and I recommend it for an easy to watch movie when you want to just collapse and not have to think too hard by following a deep plot, or reading sub titles.  It's the magical element too in this movie I love.   I love to watch a movie that will involve time travel or something just as magical and there is a magic theme running through Ruby Sparks.
Let me know what you think


  1. I have said it before, you are a good film watcher. I never seem to get around to seeing films at the cinema. I did see The Hobbit and I loved it. I have heard good things about Ruby Sparks though.

  2. I never about this movie before, but as I watch the trailer on YouTube. Power of imagination, I find it interesting to watch I better look for a copy of this.