Monday, March 11, 2013


A piece I made recently for a very special little lady.   I haven't actually met her yet.  She lives a long long way away in Western Australia.

She was born last September.  I had so many plans of the things I wanted to make and paint for her but they haven't happened yet because of my lack of good health.   It took me waaaaaay too long to finish this. Then waaaay too long to post it.

But I am happy to report she has it now.  I finally put it in the mail.   I do hope I meet little Ella one day soon.  She is the first grandchild of  my very best friend and it breaks my heart I haven't got to hold her yet.  She is growing so fast already.


  1. Oh, how sweet, I love the little birdie.
    It is just too hot to do anything.
    People are incredibly understanding and they welcome any unexpected gifts with great joy!!!

  2. Little Ella would be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift, lovingly made.
    All the best to you :D)

  3. You are so sweet Linda, I'm sure they will love your art and effort that you've done despite of your bad health. I hope you are fine now.