Wednesday, November 20, 2013

spread all around...

Here is such a beautiful mini album.  I LOVE mini albums and there are so many fabulous ones on YouTube.   I could spend hours looking at them all.  You know how one leads to another leads to another leads to another.   This artist is Vicki Smith and her work is gorgeous.  She makes jewellery, assemblages and altered books.  I love it all.

I know this poor little blog has been neglected somewhat and I am probably talking to myself these days when I am here but I do want to keep it, I just don't post as much as I used to.  I want to post when I feel I have something to share.   I seem to hang out over at Instagram a lot because it's fast and simple.  It's quick to upload a photo and no words if I choose not to even, although I usually do, if I can't sleep I will reach out and get my phone and look at IG until I feel sleepy or I will look at Pinterest too.  Now there are a few hours lost again.  Such beautiful inspiration, not to mention YouTube!!

When I started this blog back in 2006 it was so exciting to have such a place to document things such as sewing, drawing, op shopping finds etc and a wonderful platform to share work and to meet like minded peeps and be inspired by everyone.  I find now though, there is too much inspiration, if there is such a thing.  I don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean there are only so many hours in a day and also only so much time I feel like looking at a screen whether it is my laptop or my phone.  Some days I am not up to it at all.  So I find we are all spread out a lot more in cyber space compared to only a couple of years ago, don't you??

So I am still here and will post in this space whenever I can, it's just not as often as I would like.   It mainly is because of illness.  Due to said illness I am not sewing as much (sometimes not at all)  I also don't op shop like I used to and that is mainly due to it feeling too much like consumerism.  I had for a long time only bought things that I felt were really special and that I knew we could use and then I would try and purge something from home too.   But as it became more difficult to op shop for health reasons it just felt like "stuff" to me and the joy was gone from it.  What I am getting at is, without being up to doing those type of things I feel I don't have a lot to blog about.

I work in my art journal a lot and I draw and do mixed media pieces too and sometimes they can be spread over several days as I might just do a little here and there and then I usually will post to Instagram or Pinterest because it's very quick.  I feel that way I am still documenting in some way.

Anyway, with another year almost over, maybe next year will be the big return to my blog year.   oh and I have somehow turned my message thingy off and when I reset it and save it, it still doesn't appear on the blog.  I must look at that or ask Blogger for help.  But it doesn't really matter that much as peeps don't seem to comment as much anymore either.   I think that is a reflection of how many other places we are at on the net and chatting can be a quick comment on IG or live chat or comments on Facebook.  We are still all interacting and sharing work, it's just all over the place now instead of just our little blog which used to be our only little special place on the how things have changed.....and how quickly

PS I actually had fixed the comment thingy afterall.  I just hadn't done a post since fixing it so it hadn't appeared yet!...........