Monday, December 23, 2013

and wait there's more......

Here are some more goodies that Rhonda put in my fab giveaway prize from YouTube
a gorgeous tag with ribbons and fibres and a lovely handmade charm...
and some jewellery for me to alter, to add to a mini or mixed media piece, I LOVE these as I find it quite hard to find this kind of thing here in Australia and when I do it is waaaay over priced. A frame too which, depending on the project I may leave it gold or I can paint it
and look at this fabulous pile of vintage photos for me to use in my mixed media work!  Years ago I used to see some of these in second hand shops but it would be a very long time since I have seen any.  Sometimes they may be found in antique shops but they are too expensive to buy to alter so to have this huge pile is wonderful. 
 I do find it kind of sad though that all these family pics have ended up in a thrift store or similar.  There are some important family occasions in these photos like weddings for example and who would of thought when they were taken that one day in the distant future they would end up across the world in Australia to be altered in artwork! That's kind of weird don't you think?
thank you Rhonda sooooo much xxxxx