Tuesday, December 31, 2013

more baking... and happy new year....

I find it hard to believe Xmas has come and gone and now it's nearly another new year already.  I know it is cliche' but time is going soooo fast.  Do you remember how we were all panicked about the Millennium Bug approaching?   We only had 2 years then 1 year to prevent it from happening or the world would practically end!!  The countdown was on but.....the time came and went without a hitch of course, but I am gobsmacked it was 14 years ago!!

More baking  has been done.  A very quick and easy recipe I used to make all the time and haven't for ages.  I had planned to make a batch to put with mum's xmas presents so better late than never.  I will make them more often now I am reminded of just how quick and easy they are.

this is my veganised version that I made but it is easy to change it if need be

250g dairy free marjarine
1 C icing sugar
2 1/2 C plain flour (I use gluten free)
1 tsp vanilla extract

cream butter and sugar add vanilla and add flour mixing with a wooden spoon, gently knead, dough will be very short of course so just knead it and don't worry if it feels dry,  put in the fridge wrapped in cling wrap for at least 30 minutes then roll into a log and shape to a rectangle-ish type shape and cut slices and lay them on baking paper lined trays.
They will spread a little.  You can cut out shapes with cookie cutters but I do the log method so as to handle it as least as possible because it can crumble.
cook on 160c for 20 minutes or so, I cut mine quite thick so they took 30 minutes to cook
let cool and they will firm up then eat!!

happy 2014 everyone xx